Local FAQ's For Businesses

  1. How do I claim my business listing on KSL Services?
    • To claim your business on Services you must click on "Add a Business". You will then be prompted to enter the phone number of your business, then click search. If your business appears you will need to click the "Verify" button. You will then be called with a verification code.
    • If there is no business to verify then click the "Add a Business" button and complete each step as prompted.
    • Watch a video on verifying your business.
  2. How do I set up a new business listing on KSL Services?
  3. I never received the verification code
    • If you added a new listing, you don't need to verify it. To confirm that the listing is indeed verified go to services.ksl.com site and login, then click the "My Businesses" button in the orange header bar, once the page reloads you will see all the businesses that you have listed on our site. If you did not create the listing but it is already listed on our site you need to verify the listing and make sure to get the 6 digit verification code. If you need to verify your business and did not receive the code, contact us.
    • Watch a video on verifying your business.
  4. How do I edit my listing?
    • To edit your listing you need to first login at services.ksl.com. If your business does not appear on the screen at that time then locate the "My Businesses" link in the orange header ribbon that runs across the page, click on it. It will then populate any listings that you have. Right below the listing is an edit button once you click edit you will be able to edit the listing. You then can edit each individual section and once you click the next button in that section your changes for that section have been saved.
    • Please remember that anytime you edit your account it can take up to 1 hour for these changes to be reflected on your listing, especially in regards to location.
  5. How do I delete a listing?
    • Please contact us to assist in deleting a listing. Please be sure to include the business name and phone number associated with that business, along with your ksl.com account email address. If it is a duplicate, please be sure to specify which listing you want deleted. This will help decrease the time it takes to delete the listing.
  6. Why is my listing not showing up?
    • Your listings ability to be found can be affected by the "Category" you are searching under, and its location. If you cannot find your listing, check the category you are searching to make sure it is one of the 2 you have chosen for your listing. If you still cannot find it, check the area you are searching in. Please contact us if you are still unable to locate your listing.
  7. What is the difference between impressions and views?
    • An Impression is when your listing is shown within the search results.
    • A view is the number of times your listing is clicked on.
  8. How do I get my listing closer to the top?
    • The more complete your listing is the more likely it will appear closer to the top. If you would like more information on better placement for your listing please click here.
  9. How do I post/remove a review?
    • Make sure you understand and agree to our review guidelines.
    • To post a review go to KSL.com login to your account, click the Services tab. You will be redirected to the Services webpage. You then will need to search by name of the Business and location you would like to review. Click on the Listing then click "Write a Review". Fill out the review form and click submit. Please go back to Local.Ksl.com and search the business again. Click into the business. If your review is not there please contact us.
    • If you would like to edit a review that you previously left you must first make sure that you are logged in. Then search the business and find your review. Then click the "Submit a Review" button again. This should bring up your original review and allow you edit it.
    • Neither consumers/nor business owners can delete reviews. To have a review deleted you must contact us.
  10. If the FAQ's above have not answered your question, please contact us.
  11. Why aren't I getting as many phone calls as I was hoping for?
    • Remember advertising does not guarantee phone calls, especially right away. Reserving a spot is really the first step. After that, it takes some thought and a little work to make your listing stand out from your competition. Typically, although one listing is not doing well, there is another listing in the same section doing very well. The key is to compare listings that are doing well and improve your own listing. Here are some of the most common differences between the listings not doing so well, and the listings doing well. Before giving up on your advertising, it would be wise to go through the below checklist.
      1. 1. Reviews - shoppers rarely call a company with no reviews when others right next to them have reviews. Call your best customers and ask them to go add a review for you. Remember, when you ask someone to leave a review they feel inclined to leave a positive review.
      2. 2. Pictures and videos - shoppers feel better about calling a company with many pictures of their work and a video. It makes them feel that your company is more legitimate and professional. A minimum of 5 pictures and 1 video is recommended. Pictures are not difficult. If you would like KSL to help you with video, we have services starting as low as $149.
      3. 3. Logo - shoppers want to see a professional logo.
    • Also keep in mind you are still getting exposure. Please watch your statistics and know that you are getting exposure, and your listing most likely led customers to you but they may be contacting you in a different way. Some questions to think about when looking at your stats:
      1. 1. Have you received calls or emails from your website? Could your listing have led them there?
      2. 2. Have you received emails from your listing? Shoppers have the ability to email you straight from KSL Services.
      3. 3. Have people been clicking through to your website?
      4. 4. Have people been sending their information to their phone?
    • After going through all of the above, consider talking to a sales representative about upgrading your position, or using a call tracking number to know for sure what calls you are receiving from your listing.