KSL Services FAQ Page

How do I advertise my business in the Services section of KSL Classifieds?

Step 1: Add your business

  • Click on “Add a Listing

  • Follow the prompts on the form

  • Cost: $40.00 for first category per month, $30.00 additional for second category

    • Your credit card will be charged each month

  • If you require assistance, please call 801-333-7422 or support@ksl.com

Step 2: Enhance exposure for your business

Make sure KSL Classifieds users are seeing your business before they see your competitors. From featuring your listing within relevant categories to placement on the homepage of the Services section, your account executive can put together the right options for you. Please call 801-333-7472 to learn more.

How do I pay and/or update my payment information?

We will charge your credit card each month for your listing. To update your payment information, call 801-333-7472.

How do I cancel?

If you wish to cancel your listing, please be aware of the following: 

  • Please complete our Cancellation Form. If you have been working with an Account Executive you can also contact them directly at 801-333-7472 for assistance. 

  • Your listing subscription will end 30 days after the cancellation form has been completed, or after you have notified your Account Executive. 

  • When you cancel, customers will no longer be able to see your business in the Services section of KSL Classifieds.

How does KSL.com filter out spam and fraud?

We are constantly working to block attempted contacts by any fraudsters or spammers to your business via phone and text.

Where will my listing show up?

When you add your KSL Classifieds listing in the Services section, your business will be visible in the search results page(s) on KSL.com and in the KSL Classifieds App for each category you sign up for.

How do reviews work?

Did you know that 92% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses? Customers can review the services they receive from you and post it on your business listing. We recommend you have as many customers as possible leave a review to help validate your business. 

  • On KSL.com, tell your customer to visit your listing and from that page they can review your services. We are working on adding capability for customers to add a review for your business using the KSL Classified app.

  • There may be times that you receive a review that you do not agree with. If that is the case, please read the Review Guidelines. If the review doesn’t comply with these guidelines, let us know by selecting “Report Abuse” just under the questionable review.

How do I rank higher on my category page?

Call 801-333-7472 to check featured advertising availability within your category(s). Featured advertising pins your business listing among the top two rows of results on the category results page.

What other advertising options are there for my listing?

In addition to featuring your listing within your category, we also offer exposure on the Services section homepage as well as placement within related KSL Classifieds categories. Call 801-333-7472 for additional information.

How do I edit my listing?

To edit your listing you need to first log in at services.ksl.com. If your business does not appear on the screen at that time then locate the "My Listings" link in the orange header ribbon that runs across the page, click on it. It will then display your listing(s). Right below the listing is an edit button. Once you click edit you will be able to edit each individual section. When you are finished, click the next button in that section to save your changes.

Why is my listing not showing up?

There are a few reasons why your listing may not be showing:

  • You may have not paid your initial $40.00 per category to get your listing initially published. Please review your listing to make sure you've entered payment details and completed the checkout process.

  • You may have missed a recent payment.

  • In order to get your listing live again, please call 801-333-7472.

How can I differentiate my listing from my competitors?

It takes some thought and a little work to make your listing stand out to potential customers. Here are some of the most common points to focus on: 

  • Reviews: Customers rarely call a company with no reviews, especially when other businesses have them. Call your best customers and ask them to add a review for you.

  • Pictures and videos: Customers feel better about calling a business with several pictures that show examples of their work. Videos can also be compelling.  A minimum of five pictures and one video is recommended.

  • Logo: Customers want to see a clean and professional logo as it can add legitimacy to your business.

If the FAQ's above have not answered your question, please contact our Customer Support Team at 801-333-7422 or support@ksl.com.